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Play A Completely Different Game Every Time You Play ‘Winter Kingdom’

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Mar 30 2020

Not only does Winter Kingdom feature a modular board, but the rules themselves change with each new playthrough!

Winter Kingdom is new game currently campaigning on Kickstarter. Designed as a stand-alone sequel to Kingdom Builder, it’s a competitive strategy game with resource management mechanics. The goal of all players is to have the most victory points when the game ends. However, how players earn points changes every time you play.

Note all rules are art are still considered work in progress

The game comes with 7 double-sided modular boards to randomize the map each game. Upon each board are a variety of terrain hexes. On their turn, each player will have a Terrain card which will dictate where they are able to build.

This is about where the standard rules end and the Economic Card and Twist Card take over. During setup for every game, an Economic Card and a Twist Card are dealt out, which will determine the rest of the game. The Economic Card dictates how the players earn money. The Twist card adds an additional rule that all players must follow.

As players earn money, they’ll be able to purchase Ability Cards, as well as upgrade them if they have enough coin. Typically these card allow players to move their houses to better accommodate the scoring for the game.


Once any player has placed all of their 36 buildings, the game is over and players move onto scoring. Scoring for the game is determined by 3 Winter Kingdom Cards which were revealed during setup. These cards determine how players will score points, by dictating which terrain types are worth points for building.

So, to recap: Double sided terrain boards change the map, Economic Cards change how you gain money, Twist Cards change the core rules of the game, and the Winter Kingdom cards change how you earn points.  There are hundreds of combinations, and not just counting different maps. Each playthrough will be fundamentally different from the last. If you’re looking for a game with high replayability, Winter Kingdom is the one for you.

Winter Kingdom$65 – KS Campaign Ends April 9th

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Author: Matt Sall
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