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ToyLand: Massive 35″ Tall Sengoku Predator is Ready for the Hunt

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Mar 9 2020

Prime 1 Studio has partnered with Dark Horse Comics for this unique take on one of the universe’s top hunters. It’s big enough to be used as a guard over your entry way or you can get 4 of them and use them as legs for the most awesome dining table ever.

The design is inspired by armor of the Sengoku period in Japan –  a time of war an upheaval. Its primary red and gold coloring makes a strong statement, as does its brutal expression. It carries a huge, specially designed spear and its latest victim in bloody skeletal form. This statue is packed with a ton of details that you can only get with this scale.

  • Sengoku Predator – $1,299.00
  • Sengoku Predator EX Version – $1,399.00
    • Approximately 35 inches tall (88.8 cm)
    • Limited edition
    • One specially designed base
    • Two alternate Portraits
    • One additional bare headed portrait (Exclusive Version only)

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