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ToyLand: The Only Good Bug is a Funko POP! Bug

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Mar 17 2020
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This new super sized, deluxe POP! is straight from the Arachnids’ home planet Klendathu!

This massive bug has a dusty matte finish that makes it look like it’s just crawled out of a battle on the desert planet, and a stream of flammible acid coming from it s jaws. It also has a nice bit of detail: the wound left on its shell from Johnny Rico.

Tanker-Bug 6″ Deluxe Super Sized POP!$24.99

  • Funko / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive
  • Movie inspired details
  • Measures roughly 9-inches long x 7 1/2-inches wide x 5 1/4-inches tall

Author: Mars Garrett
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