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Warhammer 40K: 5 Other Xenos Armies We Want To See

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Mar 25 2020
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The Zoats are back (at least in Blackstone Fortress) and with their return we have a few others we’d like to see.

Blackstone Fortress seems to be a home for all the lost races of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. We’re seeing the Zoats return and even though it’s just a single model, it opens up the possibility for more in the future. With that said, we have a few other Xenos Armies we’d like to see make an appearance.

Kroot Mercs

Look – T’au are fine on their own but they have incorporated the Kroot as a part of their army. However, the Kroot used to have their own army list and could function independently. The models exist and with some tweaks the Kroot Merc List could live again! It would also give GW an opportunity to expand on the Kroot’s technology and look. Hey, we got that Kroot ship in Blackstone Fortress – why stop there?


Speaking of T’au and their allies…The Demiurg are another race that we’d love to see more from. They got ships for Battlefleet Gothic Armada and are a race of “cordial miners” who appear to have no homeworld. They also seem to avoid Imperial Space so sightings of them are rare. However, they have been mining for quite a while and their technology is pretty advanced. So what have they been working on? We would like to find out!


The Hrud have changed since their first appearance. Or maybe they just have different creatures in their race that make up the Hrud. They used to be thought of as smaller rat-like creatures:


You can even seem their rat-like tail. But they have changed over the years into these stranger Xenos creatures with accordion-like arms and legs:

Anyhow, we’d like to see the Hrud become a full-fledged Xenos Army. Perhaps they have been hiding on the fridges of the Galatic Rim. Or maybe they have been hiding in somewhere else. During the Great Crusade, the Hrud were one of the Xenos threats that had to be dealt with – The Iron Warriors actually had a campaign¬†against them. It would be neat to see them return as a viable threat again.


I know we kind of kicked off this one talking about the single Zoat model… but now that we have that model, why not bring on MOAR ZOATS!? They are this cool, strange Reptilian/Centaur race. They clearly have some technology that is different from Imperial Tech. Their backstory has been somewhat jumbled-up over time as well. Perhaps they have been waiting for their chance to return – this could be that time!



Oh man – Enslavers are another old-school army. They even had an army list at one time. Sure, it was mostly other units that had been, ya know, enslaved by them but still. These Warp creatures would dominate the minds of “lesser races” and force them to do their bidding. They were able to enter our dimension via Psykers during the War in Heaven and they made a mess of things.

A Rogue Trader Era Enslaver

We’re not sure how GW could make a whole army for these creatures without allowing them to take over units from other armies – but that would be kind of cool! One of our favorite things about them is the fact that they are very alien compared to the anthropomorphic Xenos races we currently have. Even the Tyranids have heads, torsos, arms and legs (sure, they have multiple arms/legs but still…) while these Enslavers are closer to floating Jellyfish. That’s why we want an army of these truly alien creatures!


There are lots of other Xenos Races in the Grimdark – which ones would you like to see an army for?


Author: Adam Harrison
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