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Warhammer 40K: Aeldari Releases Unboxed

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Mar 6 2020

Jain Zar, Drazhar, Howling Banshees and the Incubi are all out this weekend. Come take a look inside the box – it’s pretty much what you expect.

These models were first released in October of 2019. Here we are in March of 2020 and they are all now available for purchase individually. If you’ve been wanting to reinforce your squads, now you can!

Blood of the Phoenix 2.0

Folks, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about these models. Jain Zar is a fantastic new sculpt from the old version. It’s 100% true for Drazhar as well. These two expert duelists are now available to pick-up if you missed out on the Blood of the Phoenix boxed set.

The sprues are the exact same so…yeah.

But really the reason to be excited about these kits is that you can now fill out your Howling Banshee and Incubi units with more of the new sculpts – and that’s great news.



All of these kits are now available from GW online and should be in stores this weekend.

Jain Zar $40

Drazhar $40

Howling Banshees $55

Incubi $55



It’s already March?! Uh Oh…

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