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Warhammer 40K: How to Make Primaris Minis Perfect

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Mar 25 2020

I think we can all agree that Primaris minis are here to stay. Here’s how we would make them even better.

The Primaris range is getting big, and we are only a year or two away from them losing their “new kid on the block” patina.  They are everywhere these days and are already rulling the meta. Give things another year and we will have a decent sized bumper crop of players who have no idea what Classic Marines are.

But one of the best things 40K has going for it is its 30 plus years of history. This gives the game an amazing sense of legacy and a deep reservoir of concepts the designers can draw from to reinvent the old into the new.

With that in mind, we have mined 30 years of various editions of Space Marines and come up with our list of bits, and thematic details we hope GW adds to the Primaris range to make them even better. While the initial wave of Primaris models have that identical, faceless massed produced quality, they should start to show signs of individual character and divergence over time as they melt into the tapestry of the 10,000 year old Imperium.

Bags & pouches like this, but more and bigger!

Oversized Packs and Kit

The current Interessor kit has a lot of small pouches and ammo containers. These are analogues to the original RTB-01 sprue that had several of these. What I am talking about is oversized rucksacks, and larger bags. These would probably be inregrated into the powerbackpack bit, or designed to hang down and cover the rear thighs.  But overall the goal is to give modelers the ability to do the “extended patrol” or special ops take on their Primaris marines. The ability to model guys who will be in the field for a while and are bringing a lot of kit with them. The Astra Militarum range has a lot of this type of thing, and I think the hobby possibilities would be great. Some of these can also be designed to hang off of vehicles.

Bayonets & Chainsaw Bayonets

Long lost in the mists of time. The original RTB-01 marines had not one but TWO types of bayonets they could put on their bolters.  It gives the ability to make your marines look a little on the bloody side of things. Guys not to be messed with. Dangerous men.

More of the fabric coverings atop armour please


Capes, Tabards & Tarps

Back in the day, capes & tabards were pretty common. Lots of officers had them and even some common minis. These days it’s usually just scouts.  Some caped backpacks in various styles from dynamic to draped will offer modelers a lot of cool choices for their armies. Tarp bits could be be used for basing decoration, or folded and tied down for use on the models themselves. Basically another variety of the pouches.  We all know marines wear armor, but some cool options for what put over the armor would be great.

Corvus Helmets

If anything holds a special place in the hearts of marine players – it is the corvus helmet. Lukily we have Shrike’s mini as proof positive that beakies are indeed compatible with primaris marines.  I would LOVE some techno enhanced “primaris-corvus” helmets for my army and I bet they would be instantly hot items!

Back Banners

If anything (besides beakies) screams classic marines – it’s backbanners. These were EVERYWHERE in 1st and 2nd editon but they slowly went the way of the dodo.  Come on GW, the Codex Astartes says that every marine has a small back banner with his chapter livery stowed inside their backpack – just awaiting those rare moments when officers order they deployment to cow the enemy.  I’d be all over that!

~What classic bits would you add to the Primaris range?


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