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Warhammer 40K: Prophecy of the Wolf Pricing Breakdown

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Mar 16 2020

We might not have an official US dollar amount yet – but let’s breakdown the MSRP of the new Boxed Set from Games Workshop!

It’s easy enough to see the contents of the new Prophecy of the Wolf boxed set featuring a new model for Ragnar Blackmane, Ghazghkull, and Makari – plus a bunch of other kits. So let’s breakdown the price of this one by the MSRP value.

via Warhammer Community


The Space Wolves

Ragnar Blackmane (based on Primaris Mephiston Pricing) – $40

Primaris Infiltrators – $60

MSRP Space Wolf Sub-Total: $100


The Orks

Ghazghkull/Makari* (based on Abaddon Model) – $60(?)

Ork Nobz – $30

Meganobz – $63

(Grots included with other kits)

MSRP Ork Sub-Total: $153

*Assuming Makarai is included in whatever new Ghazghkull kit – and also assuming Ghaz is not based on the price of a larger kit like a Redemptor.

Box Total MSRP: $253


So what’s the final US price going to be? If we had to guess – probably $160 on the low end and closer to $190 on the high end. We have reports that the price in Euros is €140. If that’s true, the Dark Imperium box is €125 and that worked out to $160. But GW doesn’t use standard exchange rates so it’s not as easy as swapping that over.

If you’re looking to pick-up either (or both) of the new sculpts for Ragnar or Ghazghkull you might want to get your pre-orders in with your FLGS as soon as you can. I have a feeling that folks are going to want to get their hands on this one pretty quick. Plus, we don’t know if/when they are going to get their OWN mini releases…

I should get a ‘mini’ release!


Are you planning on picking up the new boxed set from Games Workshop?

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