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Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening Engine War – Psi-Knights?

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Mar 14 2020
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The Engine War looms. Are the Knights about to get a Psychic Awakening of their own?

Saga of the Beast is coming soon and the book that follows is Psychic Awakening: Engine War. We’ve seen new rules and models for a ton of armies because of this event. Games Workshop did promise that this series would be a pretty big event for the Grimdark Universe. The lore has really amped-up the Psychic Shenanigans as well. So are we about to see Imperial and Chaos Knights go full on Psi-Knight?

Return of the Ordo Sinister…

If you haven’t been keeping up with your Adeptus Titanicus news, you might have missed that the Ordo Sinister is back and on the tabletop. These Titans were psychically empowered and nick-named Nightmare Titans because the only thing scarier than an Warlord Titan is a Warlord Titan with Psychic Powers.

While this might be a Horus Heresy Era thing, there it’s very possible that Games Workshop could be eyeing this as an opportunity to bring the Psychic Powered Engines of War to 40k. The event is called Psychic Awakening after all! Now, the Ordo Sinister was basically Psi-Titans and mainly Warlord Titans – but that was like 10,000 years ago. Maybe this new event is a good enough reason for the Ad Mech to have done a little experimentation on Knights from a volunteer Knight House.


Experiments? Me?! Never…

While this is certainly a possibility, Games Workshop could take Engine War in whatever direction they want. Perhaps it’s the Chaos Knights who will get Psychic Powers – who knows?! It sure is one way to make them even scarier than they already are.


Like this – but more Psychic!

Knights can already do a LOT on the tabletop and if they had their own Psychic Powers they could do even more. Is that a bad thing? Is that a good thing? I think it would all depend on the powers they are given and points costs. But at minimum having them be able to toss out powers (even a Smite) and also be able to Deny the Witch would make them even more formidable. They are already walking fortresses – will they become psychically empowered walking fortresses in Engine War? I guess we’ll find out.


What do you think? Are we going to have Psychically Charged Knights? Hey – it might help even the odds vs Space Marines…


Author: Adam Harrison
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