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40K: 5 Awesome Chaos Kits for Conversions

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Apr 13 2020

40K is a miniature converters dream. Here are some of the best Chaos kits that really give hobbyists a lot of mileage!

If there’s something I love to see – it’s a hobbyist with a wild idea and the will to make it happen. From Ork looted .. well anything, to custom regiments and chapters – you can make your creative dreams a reality in the grimdark.

As we were chatting in the office (remotely) about some of out favorite conversions we got to talking about which kits in particular offer a lot of cool bits and unusual options that are just perfect for conversions. Goatboy who paints and converts professionally threw in a few of his favorites.

We already did a general roundup for human conversions here.

Onto Chaos

In no particular order here are our recommendations for you aspiring traitors. Follow those links to take a look at the Chaos kits’ sprues and let your own creative gears start turning.



The Havoc kit is recent, has the larger bulkier “twisted trim ” aesthetic of CSMs, and you get a whole lot of cool bits and all the heavy weapons you will need.  Look at all this stuff you get. You do only get the one Reaper Chaincannon… boo! But what a fetching topknot that is!

– 2 autocannons
– 2 heavy bolters
– 2 lascannons
– 2 missile launchers
– 1 reaper chaincannon
– 1 plasma gun
– 1 meltagun
– 1 flamer
– 1 power maul
– 1 chainsword



Chaos Space Marines

The most recent classic CSM squad is great. It’s the place you should start with your Chaos conversions. It has the larger bulkier bodies, with all kinds of great bits from the old-style Mk.V pieces, to the backbacks, to the weapons and the cool arm combos. My favorite is the guy holding the belt of bolter rounds from his gun.  All style all the time!

Plague Marines

The Plague Marines are a little trickier to mix and match, but you get a lot of great parts that may require a tad of greenstuff or super glue gel. The arms and over the top pauldrons can be mixed and matched easily. Power packs and melee weapons are very distinctive, and the helmets easily swap out.  You can get a really cool flavor with some swapping between these guys and the classic CSMs.


You are here for the crazy feet and the retro jump packs. Their pauldrons are distinctive and mix and match easily. These were the first of the “new CSM aesthetic” minis, and they are much more useful than any of the old cleaner and smaller CSM kits (looking at you ‘zerks!)

Exalted Sorcerors

Oh my! You get crazy staffs, you get crazy backpacks, you get bird heads, you get bird feet, you get bird helmets, you get discs, you get books, you get capes, and dramatic drapery.  Yes it’s all Tzeentch all the time, but with some clipping and bits swapping (from those kits above), you can make yourself a pretty badass Sorceror, or Exalted Champion/Lord for just about any Chaos Legion.  



~Did I miss any? What are your favorite hidden gems for converting? Get converting folks!


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