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40K: 5 Awesome Kits for Conversions

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Apr 9 2020

40K is a miniature converters dream. Here are some of the best kits that really give hobbyists a lot of mileage!

If there’s something I love to see – it’s a hobbyist with a wild idea and the will to make it happen. From Ork looted .. well anything, to custom regiments and chapters – you can make your creative dreams a reality in the grimdark.

As we were chatting in the office (remotely) about some of out favorite conversions we got to talking about which kits in particular offer a lot of cool bits and unusual options that are just perfect for conversions. Goatboy who paints and converts professionally threw in a few of his favorites.

In no particular order here are our recommendations. Follow those links to take a look at the kits’ sprues and let your own creative gears start turning.


Deathwatch Killteam

The Deathwatch Killteam kit is chock full of all kinds of hard to find options all in one easy place. Look at all this stuff you get:

– 14 Space Marine heads
– 10 Deathwatch left shoulder pads
– 36 Chapter specific right shoulder pads
– 10 Deathwatch Boltguns (with shot selector)
– 10 Deathwatch Power Swords
– 4 Thunder Hammers
– 2 Frag Cannon
– 4 Storm Shields
– 4 Shotguns
– 2 Infernus Heavy Bolters
– 2 Stalker-pattern Boltguns
– 2 Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer combi-weapons
– 4 Power Maces
– 2 Xenophase Blades


Tempestus Scions


The Scion kit is really cool with all kinds of bits you can mix and match with the other human ranges to make your own regiment. You get the cool armored torsos, the distinctive helmets, great backpacks, little daggers, pistols and other kit. Mix with Cadians, Skitarii, or GSC cultists for all kinds of cool concepts.

Ad Mech Ruststalkers/Infiltrators

All the robot parts, funky pistols, and exotic melee blades you could ever want – all in one place. Oh, and capes – lots of capes. These sprues can be used to “cyborg up” pretty much anything. Great utility!

Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids

Loaded down with more character, crude weapons, and mining bits then you will know what to deal with.  The Neophytes are a converters dream and go along with any of the human sized ranges for great mashups. Savlar Chem-dogs here we come!

Mk.III Space Marines

Boy oh boy. It’s not quite a redo of the classic RTB-01 kit, but it’s getting there. I really like the Mk.III kit because in the new Primaris age, the slightly smaller size of the Classic Marines means you can more easily mix them up with non-marine ranges to make some funky looking stuff. The brutish banded armor covered with ridges and the Great Crusade power packs, and retro bolters means these bits don’t scream “Space Marines” and doubly so when you mix and match them.  You get a whole lot of utility out of this one.


– 10 Phobos-pattern bolters,
– 11 chainswords (one left-handed, allowing a Sergeant to take 2 chainswords),
– 1 heavy bolter,
– 1 power sword,
– 1 power fist,
– 1 Phobos-pattern bolt pistol,
– 1 plasma pistol,
– 1 lightning claw,
– 1 melta gun,
– 1 plasma gun,
– 1 Legion Vexilla;

~Did I miss any? What are your favorite hidden gems for converting?


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