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40K: GW Studio Preview 3 Reaction – Wow – FTN

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Apr 20 2020

In this episode, we give our reactions to the announcements and the lovely new models.  What do you think the odds are that the Inquisition becomes an actual playable force?


Hey guys,

We did another live show this week too!. This is available in the replay on Twitch and the FTN Youtube page. This was a ‘cold launch’ so that explains why you may not have seen it but we really appreciate the folks that joined in to watch and joined the chat. We’ll do it again next week with a little better of an announcement.

The studio previews were great.  It’s a little short on ’40k news’ but I think GW is trying to meter their information right now during this slowdown.  I can’t blame them, the information is still flowing and they are clearly showing they will adapt to the situation and attempt to keep us happy.  This episode is a full-on jaunt through our reactions and ‘why’ we feel the way we do.  The things we saw yesterday are ripe with nods to the lore and it’s hard not to get excited.

Please please please check out the new Forge The Narrative objective markers. These things look awesome. Ordering a set is a good way to support one of our sponsors AND the show. Find them here.

I’m drawn more and more to the Lumineth Realmlords, the figures are making it almost impossible to resist!


I have friends that play Necrons and I can tell you they are pumped about finally getting a little attention from Psychic Awakening.  The previewed model is AMAZING.

The who show is a hobby talk. I mention my Ork Flesh recipe – Waagh Flesh, Coelia Green Shade, Dry brush Warboss Green, Dry brush Ushtabti Bone. The Dry brushes are incredibly light. You get a poor man’s edge highlight.

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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Paul Murphy
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