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40K TIMEWARP: 10 Years Ago – Blood Angels, Trolls, & Craftworld Eldar

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Apr 7 2020

Fasten your seatbelts, we are headed back to April 2010 to look back at what everyone was freaking out about – ten years ago. Anyone remember “Spearhead”?

Ten years back we are all freaking out over these:

Blood Angels

We had their latest codex out and a lot of those new sexy plastic and metal minis. I remember those Sanguinary Guard blew people’s minds.

Warhammer Fantasy

WFB 8th Edition was still trucking along and we got some Trolls and Ork riders that month:

Craftworld Eldar

The Craftworlders were coming up fast with the first teases of two of their brand new grav-tanks tied to the “Spearhead” all-tanks-all-the-time release.

It seems like only yesterday.  What are your fondest memories of this batch, just turned 10?

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