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Age of Sigmar: The Mortal Realm’s 5 Coolest Mounts

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Apr 15 2020
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Today while we all chilling in our homes, let’s talk about coolest ridden monsters in Age of Sigmar.

In the Realms, if you’re going to ride into battle, you might as well ride in style. Several of the Age of Sigmar heroes do just that, riding ferocious monsters, loyal beasts, or arcane constructs to the battlefield to decimate their foes. Almost every mount in the game is amazing, but some stand above the rest. Here’s my list of the 5 coolest mounts in Age of Sigmar, in no particular order.


Honestly, there isn’t much cooler (or more frightening) than a flying, hungry shark, but the Idoneth thought it would look better with a ballista on its back and blades on its fins, and honestly they were right. As a big fan of sharks, this model definitely sticks out to me as one of the coolest mounted monsters. It helps that it boasts a pretty gnarly statline too.


Stories about the legendary fire salamanders that live in seams of magma exist in several cultural folktales. The Magmadroth turns the heat on those stories up to 11, giving us a fire-blooded monster to carry Duardin royalty into battle. Magmadroths are definitely one of the cooler beasties in the game, and they are what originally drew me to the Fyreslayers.

Dread Abyssal

When Nagash really likes you, he makes you an Undead monster called a Dread Abyssal to ride into battle. As it stands, there are three Dread Abyssals flying around the Realms, and each one thematically reflects the Mortarch on its back. As a huge fan of Arkhan, I am especially partial to Razarak, but the other two definitely deserve a place on this list as well.



Of all the monsters in the Stormcast menagerie, there’s nothing more intimidating or majestic than the child of Dracothian, the Stardrake. Only the very best Stormcast warriors are able to ride one of these massive monsters, and for good reason. As one of the most powerful models in Age of Sigmar, it’s no wonder they require so much skill to ride.


Well, it wouldn’t be a monsters of Warhammer list without drawing attention to the biggest bruiser of them all, the daemonic behemoth Dorghar, mount of the Everchosen. He has a head representing three of the Chaos Gods (Slaanesh was busy being imprisoned between realms), he’s been with Archaon since the beginning, and he’s a powerful fighter on his own. Of all the critters in the Realms, Dorghar is most definitely one of the coolest.

Which mount is your favorite?


Author: Clint Lienau
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