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Age of Sigmar: White Dwarf Ossiarch Bonereapers Battalions Spotted

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Apr 15 2020

The Ossiarch Bonereapers got three new battalions in the latest White Dwarf – come take a look at them!

With the April 2020 White Dwarf on a bit of a delay, only subscribers are getting their copies this month. The street date for the White Dwarf got pushed back to May. With that said, we got a look at the Deathwatch Rules and now the new OBR Battalions have been spotted on the internet as well.

Vokmortian’s Dread Retinue

This one is a pretty big Battalion. It costs 130 points base + units. That said, the Eternal Duty rule could make your units pretty durable as it can return 1 slain MODEL to a unit in the battalion. The Stalkers and Morghasts are beefy multi-wound models so that could be pretty great!


Harvester Scythe-Corps

If you want to run a Harvester and Kavalos, this one’s for you. It makes your Harvesters a little bit more killy by buffing the to-wound roll. That’s kind of rare in the OBR book in general. It’ll to cost you 100 points to field this battalion.

Vokmortian’s Tithe Legion

And finally we have the big battalion. On top of running the OTHER two battalions, you also have to pay 110 points AND run all those OTHER units. With an army this size the extra D3 Relentless Disciple Points is nice…but that’s a TON of units so you’ll probably need it. And then the Bound Nordyrie Warriors is nice, too – it’s the only way to get some Nighthaunt allies in the army.

The downsides to all these battalions is that you DO have to take Vokmortian as your general and you’re forced into playing Mortis Praetorians. That’s not the worst thing ever and it’s definitely against the meta for the OBR which isn’t a bad thing. Will these see tournament play? That’s a BIG maybe. I think they would be fun to play in a non-competitive environment like a Narrative or Open play event. Heck, even a fun Matched play game with a buddy as they would certainly change how I’ve played army.


What do you think about these new Battalions? Which ones would you want to take out for a spin?

Author: Adam Harrison
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