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AoS: The Impressive Lumineth Realm-Lords Miniature Range

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Apr 2 2020

The new Pointy Aelves are going to have quite the miniature range. And there is still more on the way!

When things get back on track, the Lumineth Realm-lords are going to have a TON of miniatures in their range. As a new army they are going to have a pretty diverse range and today we’re going to look at everything we’ve seen so far – and another hint at more to come.


We need to start with the Lord of Light himself – Teclis. We’re still wondering if his twin will show-up as Tyrion has been mentioned more than once. It would be pretty cool if GW was saving Tyrion as a later reveal as the more aggressive, combat-oriented named character. Having said that, Teclis and his new kit is HUGE and impressive. I have a feeling that this one will also see a lot of conversions when it hits the streets.

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King

Alarith Spirit of the Mountain

Being the “Realm-lords” the new Aelven army is leaning into this whole “one with the realm” thing. They are able to bring forth massive mountain spirits with them. These Divine Bovines are going to be big kits, too. The look like they have a couple of different optional doodads you can swap around to customize your models a bit.

 Light of Eltharion

Eltharion was a great High Elf hero from the World-That-Was. Now he’s returned in a new form – as an empowered suit of armor. Personally, I think this is one of my favorite models and sculpts because of the creative use of the pose to make an “empty” suit of armor. It’s really neat and I can’t wait to build one of these kits just to see how it all works and fits together.


Alarith Stonemage

Here is one of the casters for the army – the Alarith Stonemage is an aelven wizard who has attuned to the elements. It’s kind of crazy that the model is also balanced the way it is! I sure hope it’s sturdy at the joint. Whatever the case, it’s a really unique model for the Realm-lords!

Vanari Dawnriders

The Vanari Dawnriders are a medium-weight cavalry option and they ride on good ol’ Horseback! These are definitely going to be a core unit to the army and a great call-back to their old High Elf form. There is just something nice and classic about these models and I’m glad the Aelves are getting them.

 Auralan Wardens

These are your classic Elf Spearmen but updated with a more modern spin. When you think of High Elves, you think spearmen and the Lumineth Realm-lords are getting to showcase that for sure.

Auralan Sentinels


Longbows are also an iconic feature of the High Elves and the reborn Lumineth Realm-lords are bringing them back, although with their own take. The triple-bowstring look is uh…different. I don’t know if that’s actually functional – but it looks cool. And hey, we’re dealing with magical realms and a race of Aelves born from the extraction of souls from a Chaos God. I think I can let this one go. Anyhow, you can bet this unit will be ready to pepper their targets with accurate arrow-fire!

Alarith Stoneguard

Elves with warhammers might be heresy – but these are AELVES and the game is called Warhammer so…I guess we’ll have to let this one go, too. I have a feeling unit will see a lot of use on the tabletop and will also be the subject of a lot of conversions. Whatever the case, they are going to be a hard-hitting unit for sure. Accurate Aelvish swings combined with the hitting-power of Warhammers…that could be quite punishing.

More Models To Come…

This model popped up in the new video from Warhammer TV and it’s been teased before. She looks like another Aelf maiden and possibly another wizard. She may also be holding this smoking brazier we saw:

Whatever the case, you can be GW has a few more surprises in store for the fans of this army. The Lumineth Realm-lord’s model range is going to be impressive once it all comes out for sure!


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