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Geekery: ‘Train to Busan’ Director Returns with Zombiefest ‘Peninsula’

Apr 3 2020

This is being called a sequel to the non stop zombie attack that is Train to Busan. It moves into full out zombie apocalypse as a team of soldiers come across a group of survivors, and not all them are examples of the best of what humanity has to offer.


That’s a lot of insane, apocalyptic action. A little Resident Evil, a little Doomsday, and a lot of director¬†Sang-ho Yeon’s imagination. The gladiator pit scene looks gnarly. This is going to be a must for zombie fans. It has an August 12th release date, but we’ll see.¬†I expect we’ll see a VOD release on time, not so much on the planned theatrical release.

If you haven’t seen Train to Busan, it’s on Netflix now.

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