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The Insider – April 10th – Prime

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Apr 10 2020

Welcome to this week's BoLS Prime Insider.  Let's talk industry whispers, what's coming in the week ahead, and a look behind the scenes of the studio.

Welcome back to this week's Insider. This will be an ongoing weekly column where you get a behind the scenes look into the BoLS office, what our core team is up to, and working on, as well as what we are hearing in the industry. Our promise to Prime members was to give you greater insight into what we are up to, excited about, and what we are seeing and hearing out there in the industry.

Remember you can always hop into the member groups and directly chat any of us up or ask questions. So enjoy and don't be a stranger. On with the show.

GW got the second of their weekend teaser seminars up last Saturday. There was some good stuff in there like Sons of Behemat, but really it was mainly things already know about, and a lot of people were expecting much more. Luckily GW decided to split the Adepticon seminar into three seminars and the next one is the week after Easter.

To be blunt most chatter is pointing to a 40K New Edition announcement.  We will see in a week... Fingers crossed!

So we wait. We are all working...

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Author: Larry Vela
  • RPG: Star Frontiers - A Game Ahead Of Its Time - Prime