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Wyrd: New Explorer’s Society Character – The Spelleater

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Apr 25 2020

Wyrd is showing off a new Explorer’s Society Character for use in Through the Breach and Malifaux Third Edition. Meet The Spelleater!

This one is for all you Witch Hunters out there. If you’re looking for a new hireling to add to Sonnia and the Witch Hunters the Spelleater is for you. The Spelleater is available to use in both Through the Breach and will be a new recruit coming to Malifaux as well.

via Wyrd Games

If you’re a Fatemaster and want to use The Spelleater in your games you can use this augment to do just that.

Spelleaters are a great way to throw some challenges at your Fated group, especially if [REDACTED] or they like using magic. Through the Breach Augments are all about adding new challenges and curiosities to your games, and the Spelleater fits all of those categories!

And for Malifaux, here’s a look at the Explorer’s Society Stat Card:

Anyone want to take a stab at what those [REDACTED] words are – specifically that keyword? That could be interesting…


Keep an eye out for this new character and more to come to the tabletop in Malifaux 3rd or jump the gun and use The Spelleater now in your Through the Breach games. Your Witch Hunters will enjoy shutting down those spellslingers with this new character.


The Spelleater – creepy, but effective.

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