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40K Engine War Rules, Baldur’s Gate 3, GW New Releases, and GENCON Latest

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May 31 2020

GW has a new set of releases on the way, Engine War has been spotted in the wild, D&D’s Baldurs Gate 3 has a new trailer, plus visit Ravenloft and check out solo play in X-Wing. Also Pimpcron!


D&D: Check Out Baldur’s Gate III’s New Trailer

Earlier this week Larian Studios promised “something new is coming” for Baldur’s Gate III, and here it is. A short, sweet trailer that has us all excited.

Star Wars: X-Wing – Test Out These New Solo Rules For Yourself

Are you an X-Wing Pilot looking to keep your skills sharp but can’t find an opponent? Check out these new rules from Fantasy Flight Games.

Warhammer 40K: Ad-Mech Archaeopter Rules Spotted

The datasheets for the three new Archaeopter units have been spotted on the internet – come take a look!

Warhammer 40K: Engine War – Exalted Greater Daemon Rules Unleashed

The Daemons of Chaos are getting some big upgrades with the Exalted Greater Daemons. Take a look at all four of the Chaos Daemon’s options.

Warhammer 40K: New Ad Mech ‘Choose-Your-Own’ Dogmas Revealed

Did you ever want to come up with your own custom Forge World? Well now you can choose your own Dogmas to match!

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Ravenloft

It’s time to visit the misty lands of Barovia and have a monster mash adventure of your own. Welcome to Ravenloft.

GW Pre-Orders Pricing & Links: Adeptus Mechanicus Weekend

It’s been awhile but Games Workshop is back with new pre-orders this weekend – Engine War and all the Ad Mech goodies are here!


Gen Con Moves Online – Registration Tomorrow

Almost two weeks after Gen Con was canceled, convention organizers have announced Gen Con online. Registration starts tomorrow, come take a look.

Warhammer 40K Next Week: The Sky, The Sky, The Sky Is On Fire

It’s a massive new Aeronautica Imperialis release this coming weekend, check out what’s going up for pre-order this week for Warhammer 40K!

Pimpcron: My Wishlist for 9th Edition

Oh boy, here I go wishin’ again!



  • GW Pre-Orders Pricing & Links: Adeptus Mechanicus Weekend