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40K: The 5 Best Facemasks in the Grimdark

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May 4 2020

Today we’re talking about something deep and foundational to Warhammer 40,000. Who has the best facemasks and why!

The Grimdark is full of 2 types of people. Those who enter battle with face protection, and morons.  For 30+ years we have been arguing exactly why some of the galaxy’s most potent killers throw caution to the wind and head into mortal combat al fresco. But we will talk about those idiots another day. Today we are talking about the prudent ones who believe in caution. Once you have decided to don protective headgear, its all about getting as much out of it as possible.

Some may go for pure brutal protection. Some may want a lot of style. Some may want a mask that makes a statement, or just looks cool. Some may want a mask that gives them special abilities. Here are the 5 models in Warhammer we think wear their masks the best, in no particular order:


(old) Dark Eldar Archon

The Archon’s freaky mask within a mask has a been a winner since the day the updated range was rolled out. It’s just incredibly freaky and odd to look at.  It’s based on an expected daemonic horned vibe but is just so darned distracting. I’m sure that mask alone is responsible for a point of WS.

Master of Possession

It’s clean and simple but gets the job done. Lots of Chaos Marines have snarling faces and little horns and tusks, but the Master of Possession goes for the classic big trophy rack style. The horns are big and elaborate and the facemask inhuman. Exactly what you would expect form one who communes with the Neverborn as his chosen profession. He may not be able to look left or right, but sacrifices have to be made.

The Masque

COME ON – IT’S IN THE NAME! The double mask on a stick earns extra dramatic twirling style points. It’s also a powerful one, as The Masque can get anyone to dance the night away (till you die) with one quick look.

Chaos Knight Desecrator

This guy wins the award for the most heavy metal facemask of the group. Not only does the Desecrator get the hard rocking screaming spiked trim facemask, but it’s also the biggest of the game outside of the Forge World big boys. This is a mask that can kill just by falling on you.

Death Guard – This Dude!

He’s not someone special, has no cool rules, and can’t get an interview with Mortarion if he tried. But this guy’s helmet just creeps me the ef out.  The smashed faceplate combined with the loose hanging jaw, and the bony growth out the top is too much.  I don’t actually think he can take the helmet off anymore – which makes it worse. Ewwwww.



~Who’s your favorite and who did we miss? 

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