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D&D: Boss Monsters From CR 3-27, Yours For Free

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May 26 2020

Kobold Press is back with another safer at home special, this week it’s Boss Monsters–you’ll find 14 monsters from levels 3 on up to 27 for free in this pack.

Boss fights are hard. Anyone can tell you that, whether it’s that you end up with your favorite villain killed in an instant, or that it’s just a ton of work to create a significantly challenging critter for your party to face, it can be tricky to come up with the right climactic encounter to make your adventure pop. Until now. Kobold Press has done a good chunk of the work for you, in their latest free offering from Warlock #15.

It is a Boss Fight extravaganza, with fourteen different creatures of varying power level. There’s something for every tier of play here, and each of these creatures is designed specifically to challenge a party. So they have a little more going for them than most normal monsters. After all, you want to make the fight memorable, which is why we’re here.

Whether it’s the virus-spawned fiend that is a Catscratch, transforming cat and and commoner alike into a deadly creature that spews bile and can ensure it survives by spreading its deadly disease…

Or the Pumpkin King, a mid-tier monster that emerges from a Pumpkin Patch to harvest delicious crops and might cause deadly dancing gourds to form around it as it reaps what it has sown.

If you’re interested in much deadlier monsters, those are here too. You might find unique demons, like Bathael up there, a deposed demon lord, fled from the depths of the Abyss, now plotting his revenge.


Or for the highest level challenge here, there’s Degmadu, the Millennium Polyp, who aside from having the best name in the book, is also CR 27, and can deal with a party of even high level creatures with its pool of 555 hit points and thirteen deadly tentacles, capable of sweeping creatures into its even deadlier maw.

All these, and more, await you within, just use the code SaferAtHomeWeek3 at checkout and you’re good to go.

Safer At Home – $0

Warlock Meets the Big Boss Monsters!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new 5th Edition booklet is here—with terrific cover art by RPG legend Jeff Easley.

The topic is monsters, especially the big, bad, and dangerous ones at CR 10+ (with a few smaller CR bosses for variety)!

Weighing in at 36 pages, this booklet’s esteemed creatures and their designers are:

  • Catscratch (CR 3) by Celeste Conowitch
  • Vexxeh (CR 6) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Deep Sea Behemoth (CR 9) by TK Johnson
  • Pumpkin King (CR 10) by Celeste Conowitch
  • Clockwork Archon (CR 12) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Necrotech, Death Barque (CR 12) by Richard Green
  • Pustulent Shambler (CR 13) by Mike Welham
  • Incarnate Gloom (CR 13) by Mike Welham
  • Infernal Swarm (CR 14) by TK Johnson
  • Necrotech, Bone Colossus (CR 14) by Richard Green
  • Vent Linnorm (CR 16) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Bathael (CR 18) by Robert Schwalb
  • Shadow of Death (CR 21) by Robert Schwalb
  • Degmadu (CR 27) by Scott Gable

Happy Adventuring!

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