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HOBBY: Generic Marine Company Banners Sheet (PDF)

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May 5 2020


Today I have a little present for all you hobbyists. Here’s your easy way to dress up your marine armies with some cool company and squad banners.

I’m a sucker for old school little details on my armies, even current ones. I love the little details that can make an army stand out, so I decided to go looking for something cool to help pass the time. It’s BANNER TIME!

Look at all those Sergeant banners!

Most of us have dreams of putting together that awesome marine Company one day. There is something cool about getting to organize your entire force into their correct squads, and dressing the infantry and transports up with the correct squad markings. Of course, there is the issue of those pesky Company Banners that few of us wants to paint or freehand.

So here is a sheet of generic company banners I whipped up that will cover all 9 of the companies in a marine chapter. The Scout Company doesn’t have its own banner (apparently they haven’t earned it). These use the traditional company colors and symbols laid down in the Codex Astartes. I have provided three sets of them with the “chapter circle” in white, black, and grey based on what will look the best for you to apply your chapter logo into. I have also provided matching colored sets of smaller backpack banners for your use.

Here is an example of some old models using both types of banners



Astartes Banner Sheet (PDF)

click to view, right click to download

Using the Banners

Just print these out on good quality paper with a color printer and cut them out.  I suggest a slightly heavy weight paper for the company banners and standard paper for the smaller Squad banners. These will normally look a little better with some minor weathering to “roughen them up” a bit. I usually throw on some bullet holes, and cut up the bottom, and throw on some watered down dirty wash. These banners are designed for the application of your chapter symbol or decal onto them in the circular areas on the company banners and the squad ones below.

This entire sheet is sized for the classic sized Marine standard bearers and the smaller backpack mounted banner poles, which you can still scrounge up. But please make sure you run off a test sheet first on your printer to make sure you scale it up or down exactly for your miniatures.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Happy hobbying everybody!

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