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Real World Inspirations for Warhammer Fantasy’s Factions – Prime

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May 13 2020

Today let's talk about the historical inspiration behind Warhammer Fantasy.

Warhammer Fantasy had a long and rich history. Over the course of the decades, the game was active its setting was developed and fleshed out. Unlike its sci-fi counterpart Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy was set on a single world (and didn't even use the full world). This meant that the world, a fantasy version of Earth had a much more fully detailed history and setting than 40K did, with the vast majority of the world history, at least in broad strokes, is covered at one point or another. While 40K drew a ton of inspiration from pop-culture Fantasy was much more grounded in real history.  Though it was heavily inspired by works of, well, fantasy, including classic like Lord of the Rings, being set in a fantasy version of Earth meant that many of its factions and nations were directly anomalous to real-world peoples, nations and culture. Today lets take a look at those inspirations.

N.B. To keep this manageable I am only looking that the major factions that had full army books as of the 8th and final edition of the game. 

The Empire

Situated in the center of the Old World, The E...

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Author: Abe Apfel
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