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Warhammer 40K: New Necron Unit Hints

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May 13 2020

The Silent King is returning and it looks like he’s bringing some friends along with him.

Can we talk about the return of the Silent King’s video now? There is some stuff to unpack and some possible hints at things to come. So, for starters, let’s all take a look at this video:

First things first – why are we saying “New Necron Unit Hints?” Well, for one – look at the thumbnail from the video:

“Something Big Is Headed This Way…”

That’s a pretty straight forward clue that a new model is coming. GW likes their puns and not-so-subtle jabs that new stuff is on the way. How many giant references were dropped in the Sons of Behemat teasers for Age of Sigmar? The answer is LOTS. They tend to do that with these highly stylized teaser/intro videos.

So, looking at the video, we got a look at some abstracted unit designs. Which ones? Well, keep in mind this video is also treated like a hieroglyphic-wall tale. We start with the pre-C’tan Necrontyr society, then we move forward in time. So the units from the thumbnail – are probably representing The Silent King and his two Triarchs.

The Silent King makes a deal with the C’tan

Fast forward to a post-C’tan deal and you’ve got the Necrons reborn with the Living Metal skin. And who is the first image we see with this new glowing effect?


These guys. They are pretty jacked! And also notice they don’t have the same stylized necron-bodies. They look like really beefy dudes with the gauss-green glow.

And there are LOTS of them. Comparatively, if these hieroglyphs are to scale, then these warriors of the Silent King are much taller than your typical humanoid races – seen in the image above.

So who or what are these? Well, they are the second clue that the Necrons are getting a new batch of units. Are they Primaris-sized Lychguard? Possibly.

The difference is that they don’t have the same look as the metal skeletons that the other Necron images have. That’s a telling sign. It’s also not the last clue that there is something BIG in the works.


Here we have the Silent King sailing off into the void. Clearly he’s on a Necron Ark. But notice how much larger he is comparatively. Now, this could be a stylized thing (The King/Pharaoh is depicted as much larger than his followers). But what if it isn’t.

That would be one big model. Maybe a new Lord of War? Could be interesting if nothing else…

It’s going to be a Regal Return and the King has an entourage. We’ll have wait and see if these hints pan out but get ready for something BIG heading to Warhammer 40,000 sooner than you think.


What the heck do you think those are hints for? New Pariahs? Beefier Lychguard? Primaris’d Necron warriors?!?!

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