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Warhammer 40K: New Weapons In The Primaris Armory

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May 29 2020

The models have been teased but can we talk about the new weapons that have been shown? Let’s chat!

The new edition has been unveiled and a whole lot of Primaris Models have been teased and previewed. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Space Marines as they are about to get ahold of a ton of new toys. But besides the new units, the Primaris Marines are getting some new weapons, too. Let’s take a look at them and talk about what they could be.

Astartes Chainswords

Games Workshop specifically mentioned these as being “Astartes Chainswords” instead of just regular Chainswords that say an Imperial Guardsmen would use. Strangely enough, these “Astartes” versions could also be backwards compatible with Classic Marines, too. What’s the difference going to be? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But if I had to guess? Maybe an extra AP or extra attacks…

Primaris Bikes

New Primaris Bikers are on the way. They look like the old Space Marine Bikes, at least functionally. Looking at them it’s basically the same idea – an armored motorcycle with twin-bolters slapped on top. But wait, there’s the catch. These are Primaris Bikes, right? And if those are twin-bolters, which versions are they? Remember: Primaris have multiple different Bolt Rifle variants. If these bikes are Primaris Bikes then those are probably Twin Bolter Rifles of some type, right? Not only will these bikes have Primaris Marines as riders with Primaris¬† weapon options but, with those Bolt Rifle Options, I think these Bikes are going to be able to pump out some extra damage at range for sure.

Neo-Volkite Pistol

GW Confirmed that the new Lieutenant has a “Neo-Volkite” pistol. Now, Volkite weapons aren’t new as they are technically from the Horus Heresy Era. But it’s cool to see them brought back. So what will it do? Well Volkite weapons were great at shredding lots of targets. Expect bonus hits with this pistol. I also like that the Primaris are getting weapons that will differentiate them from Classic Marines. They might not have Grav (yet) but they have some other cool weapons now.

Executioner Relic Blade


The new Judiciar is coming and he’s got some heads to lop off. Not only does this model boast this new type of blade, he’s apparently “an entirely new kind of Space Marine” and we’re not sure what that means. New as in he’s an updated Primaris? Does this mean more new organs? New changes? New types of rules? What gives and what’s up with his pallid complexion and black armor? In fact, his armor looks kind of like a “retro” version of MK. X armor…which is odd. Notice the extra bolts uh…bolted on. You can expect more than just an Executioner Relic Blade for this guy.

Hellfury(?) Melta/Flamer

These are supposedly the new “Hellfury” Primaris Marines. They clearly have new Primaris tech on them. It’s very possible they are using flamers or melta weapons as those nozzles look like melta but they might have the tell-tale ignition system of a flamer under the barrels. These pics are just too blurry to tell for sure. Whatever the case, it’s definitely a new toy for the Primaris Space Marines to play with!

In terms of what they will do on the tabletop – I’m hoping we get a similar load-out to the Hellblasters. It would be sweet to see Melta get 3 different versions just like the Hellblasters. Or flamers for that matter. There are lots of ways GW could tweak those profiles to make them interesting options.


That’s all the new weapons and wargear we’ve noticed this far. Did we miss anything from the Primaris Armory? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you think these weapons will do on the tabletop!


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