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Warhammer 40K: The Chaos Coalition Is Complete

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May 9 2020

With Fabius Bile getting a new Miniature all the Chaos Gods have their champions done. Or do they…

All of the Chaos Gods can rejoice because they now have Space Marine champions for each of them – and they all have new plastic miniatures now. It is a little odd that Fabius Bile is basically the champion for Slaanesh, but his obsession with genetic perfection really does fit when you think about it. But let’s take a quick look at each champion of Chaos.




First up is the Despoiler himself. Abaddon got a major upgrade comparatively when he made the jump to plastic. He also got a few more poses to boot. It’s a definite improvement. He’s larger, has options and looks like he’s the undisputed champion of Chaos United.


Kharn was one of the earliest champions to make the jump from metal/resin to plastic. The new version was a more dynamic pose and really was a nice upgrade. He set the bar and the rest of the champions of chaos really followed suit!



Ahriman is a special case, even among the Chaos Champions as he’s actually had 3 different models. He had his OG metal/resin model. Then he got his 30k model in plastic (he’s the only one to get that treatment, btw) and then he got his updated 40k version with a Disc of Tzeentch, too! Pretty cool stuff of the Sorcerer Supreme of Chaos.


Typhus got some nice tweaks when he went from his old model to the new version. Games Workshop went back in even subtle changed his Terminator armor to a different mark – not that it really mattered. His manreaper got re-worked and his pose really opened up. He also got a lot more “extras” like the billowing smoke and the little nurgle buddies all over.

Fabius Bile

As mentioned above, Fabius Bile is essentially the champion of Slaanesh. I thought they would have gone with Lucius the Eternal, but when you really think about it, Bile fits the bill. His new model is reminiscent of the old version but just looks better. Of all the models on this list, his is probably the closest, design-wise, to the original. Abaddon had different head and cape options, remember? This new version just cleans-up the proportions a bit and gives him a gracefulness in his movement. He’s traded in the “Come at me, bro” look for a purposeful stroll.

(Editor’s Note: Yes, we know Fabius isn’t dedicated to Slaanesh. But he’s got a new model and Lucius doesn’t. That’s the point.)

Other Champions of Chaos?

Chaos has many champions running around. As mentioned there is Lucius the Eternal that could still use a update and there is also the Pirate-king Huron Blackheart. Both of those models are look pretty dated at this point:


That said, for now, each of the chaos gods has a champion they can call their own.


What do you think of the Chaos Champs that made the jump to plastic? Which chaos models do you hope GW makes the switch next?

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