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Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: June 3, 2020

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Jun 3 2020

Get a grip, adventure in Lost Lands, 3D print some heroes, and go on a classic dungeon crawl. Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding highlights!

RGG 360° V2 Ergonomic Painting Handle

  •  Ergonomic handle to stay focused and to hold your miniature naturally without causing hand fatigue.
  •  360° rotation to offer more control and help you achieve a better painting at every angle. Effortlessly!
  •  Swappable cap: You can now paint multiple miniatures with just one holder (additional caps sold separately).
  •  Magnetic dock: Secure your WIP miniature thanks to the magnet inside the holder. 
  •  Stick them all! Round, square, small, large, exotic bases…10 to 50mm you can stick them all.
  • Pledge and get one FREE copy of our miniature painting book written by Angel Giraldez.

Pledges start at $14 for a magnetic handle, putty, and docking plate.

Aegis of Empires Adventure Path – 5e and Pathfinder

A truly epic adventure saga, Aegis of Empires, is here for 5th Edition DnD, Pathfinder RPG (1st Edition), and Pathfinder Second Edition! This spectacular 600-page fantasy-horror adventure path can be played in any world but is specifically designed for the incredibly detailed Lost Lands Setting (which project lead Greg Vaughan spent nearly a decade perfecting with the classic adventures of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games). Your heroes must trek across the Kingdoms of Foere, Reme, the Vast, and beyond to uncover the clues of an ancient mystery, a lost prince, an expedition to the ends of the earth, and a silent apocalypse stealthily creeping to overwhelm the land, from the start of their careers up to 17th level!

Pledges start at $5 for a digital copy for the PG and $50 for a digital full adventure path.

Survivors of Serath – STL Files

The World of Serath is a world of conflicting nations, warring religions, terrifying monsters, and flawed heroes. It is a world infested with monsters, darkness, and political intrigue, but at the same time, hope burns bright in the hearts of heroes. The darker the shadows, the brighter the light burns to push it back.

3dartdigital not only gives you amazing miniatures for your gaming needs, we provide you with true works of art you can be proud to include on any tabletop. In addition, every miniature is part of a larger story and faction, and in turn, a larger world. Each character has a name, a history, and a place in the world and the lore that is the World of Serath. We invite you to join us in bringing this universe and all that dwell within it to glorious life.


Pledges start at $35 for the core set, other options are available.

Little Box RPGs – Story Telling Games

Littlebox RPGs are no-prep, one-shot, storytelling games in neat little boxes. They are made for out of the box play, and are perfect to pull out on any occasion. Littlebox games are easy to learn and quick to play. Each RPG is a heartfelt, collaborative experience, designed to deliver impactful play in just a few hours. There is no game master, and players tell the story together. It’s different every time!

Each game comes in a reinforced tarot sized tuckbox (7 x 12 cm), that you can easily throw in your bag and take anywhere. And with dry erasable markers, you can play again and again! This Kickstarter features the first two games in the series:

  • Villagesong, a game of leadership and change
  • Our Mundane Supernatural Life, a cozy game of extraordinary daily living

Pledges start at $27 for one and you can get both for $48.

Classic Quest: The Dungeon Crawler

This is the tabletop miniature game you always wanted! With Classic Quest: The Dungeon Crawler you will have the best of old school games, with the best quality that can be offered today. Classic Quest offers you extremely high-quality self-manufactured metal miniatures and immersive furniture pieces made of resin.


Pledges start at $106 for the core game.

The Mineralogy Manual

The Mineralogy Manual is a world-building guide to provide Dungeon Masters and Players with the tools to craft their worlds from the ground up (quite literally). The focus of this book by Deep Dungeon Games is the ground on which we stand – the earth itself and all the wonders it contains.

The Mineralogy Manual also includes a set of five complete adventures (using the 5th Edition ruleset), designed from the ground up to showcase the different aspects of the mineral and elemental resources showcased in the book. This provides an excellent introduction to many different systems and can act as the perfect starting point for a whole earthen or Dwarven campaign. These adventures are ready to run as soon as you get the book, including everything you’ll need to craft your versions of named metal swords, armor, and other earthen devices.

Pledges start at $20 for a digital copy of the full book, and for $30 you can add maps.

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