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40K: Chapter Approved Missing Space Marines Units

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Jul 13 2020

Chapter Approved is right around the corner and dozens of Space Marine units aren’t in it.

Chapter Approved is hitting the shelves soon and everyone is getting ready for it. There are roughly a thousand  units in the game and we are all jumping at the chance to see the points.  We will be talking about points in the days ahead, but wanted to first take a look at the book and see if any units didn’t make the jump from Chapter Approved 2019 to the new 9th Edition. The most obvious place to start is Space Marines and we were not disappointed.

Known Unknowns

GW may have a lot of reasons for dropping units from the new book. They may be unbalancing. They may be out of production. They may be very difficult to purchase. What we are presenting here is the list of the units that WERE in Adeptus Astartes Section of Chapter Approved 2019, that are NOT in the new 2020 book. We will have to wait and see if they make the jump to Warhammer Legends in the future. But at this time – their fate is unknown.

Missing Space Marines


  • Land Raider Excelsior
  • Rhino Primaris

Chapters of the Badab War

Missing Forge World Space Marines


  • Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus
  • Captain Corien Sumatris
  • Captain Mordecai Blaylock
  • Captain Pellas Mir’san
  • Captain Silas Alberec
  • Captain Tarnus Vale
  • Captain Zhukhal Androcles
  • Chaplain Dreadnought Titus
  • Chief Librarian Ivanus Redth
  • Harath Shen
  • High Chaplain Thulsa Kane
  • Inquisitor Lord Hector-Rex
  • Inquisitor-Lord Solomon Lok
  • Knight-Captain Elam Courbray
  • Lias Issodon
  • Lieutenant-Commander Anton Navaez
  • Malakin Phoros
  • Vayland Cal


  • Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought

Heavy Support

  • Whirlwind Hyperios


  • Caestus Assault Ram

Lords of War

  • Thunderhawk Transporter


  • Castellum Stronghold



A lot of these make sense. The Chaplain Dread’s days were numbered, after the mess it made at LVO last year, while being out of production for years. The HQ Land Raider and Rhino are limited to sales at Warhammer World only, so are not easily accessible to many. Oddballs like the Castellum Stronghold, just don’t make sense for non-narrative games. But the biggest cull was the 18 characters. The majority of these were from the Badab War Forge World books and never had models. Some of the older ones like Solomon Loc are from very early campaign books that have out of print for years.

There were some surprise though, like the Caestus Assault Ram, and Hyperios.

But whatever the reason, none have point values and it looks like we won’t be using them in Matched Play.

~Have at it, and we will be bringing you more info from Chapter approved in the days ahead.

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