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40K Cheapskates – Bargains of 9th Edition

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Jul 21 2020

9th Edition is seeing almost every unit stay the same or go up in points. Take a look at the exceptions.

9th Edition is upon us and with it comes Chapter Approved. This weekend the world gets its hands on not only the Indomitus boxed set, but perhaps more importantly all the points for every unit in 9th edition. So now you can crank out lists for all your existing armies.

GW has done a full update and rebalance to the game with a design goal of achieving a finer granularity of points per unit. What this means is they want all units to be be slightly more expensive overall so they have a finer degree of costing items. For example a rough increase of points costs will let them accurately cost units that may have been impossible under the old 8th edition model – like a unit that should have cost say… 6.5 points previously.

What we see in Chapter Approved is that yes indeed well over 99% of the units stayed the same in point cost or went up. But apparently there were a handful of units that were so overcosted in 8th Edition and have been brought down to earth. Maybe we will see more of them in 9th.

Here We Go!

Land Speeder Storm

55 pts (default weapons) – 9th Ed.

65 pts (default weapons) – 8th Ed.

I can’t tell you the last time I saw a Land Speeder Storm on the table, but it’s been a while. Ten points may not seem like a lot, but if you are taking multiple it adds up, and again, this is in a world where almost everything in the game is going UP in price.  Maybe just maybe we’ll see some  Storms causing trouble in the enemy backfield.


Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers (foot & disk)

100 pts(+20 for disk) (default weapons) – 9th Ed.

112 pts(+20 for disk) (default weapons) – 8th Ed.

Not too shabby. I’ll take the discount and these guys are often used in multiples.  Magnus approves of the lower cost and potential mass Smiting!


Necron Monolith

270 pts (default weapons) – 9th Ed.

300 pts (default weapons) – 8th Ed.

All the weapons are free in both editions, so it’s just down to the cost of the main chassis. I’ll take a 30 point discount any day, and the Monolith is still a big brick that is a pain in the butt to get rid of. We will have to see how long this point cost lasts with a Necron codex almost certainly just around the corner.




21 pts (default weapons) – 9th Ed.

27 pts (default weapons) – 8th Ed.

This seems like a lot of detail for a single model unit. But hey, someone in the Design Team loves snakes! Keep your Archon alive a teensy bit longer, now for 6 less points.

BONUS – T’au KX-139 Supremacy Armor

892 pts (default weapons) – 9th Ed.

1177 pts (default weapons) – 8th Ed.

HOLY MOLY! Last but certainly not least is the enormous price drop of the Tau’nar. It’s cheap enough that this may be a mis-print folks, so don’t everyone trip over yourselves ordering as many as you can afford. Let’s let this one sit for a month or so. But still, it’s a gorgeous chunky kit and now may be showing up from time to time to Pacific Rim the bad guys right off the table. Go GIPSY DANGER!

~Have fun out there everybody!



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