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40K RUMOR: New Primaris HQ May be Rolling In

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Jul 2 2020

There’s a new image doing the rounds today that say a beloved classic HQ may be returning to us. Take a look:

The Indomitus Boxed Set for 9th is upon us. Look for full coverage here shortly, but in the meantime, you will nottice that a LOT of leaks and rumors have been doing the rounds in the last 24 hours. There has been more info pouring down this week than in the last couple months!

Today we look as a rumored list of points for Space Marines from the boxed set…

The Rumored Marines

image via ingur 

This is a purported set of points and units from the Indomitus set. But there’s a problem. See it yet?  We KNOW what’s in the set and it’s not exactly what this listing shows.

The set has all the units up there, minus 3.

The Usual Suspects

Two of these we’ve seen from GW already and we can assume they will be following up close behind the Indomitus set.

  • Invader ATV
  • Firestrike Servo-turret

It’s growing on me…

This should hover!

Primaris Chaplain on Bike!?

It’s that last one we are intrigued by.  There are several possibilities here:

  • It’s all a hoax
  • Primaris Chaplain on Bike was planned but cancelled
  • Primaris Chaplain on Bike is coming soon

It’s a hard one to say, but the inclusion of both versions of the Chaplain (foot and bike) tell me that perhaps there were multiple options for the final Indomitus contents before Nottingham nailed down the final version and this list is an artifact of an earlier period. However, the Grimdark has a long history of Marine HQs on bikes going all the way back to Rogue Trader that were swept away into WARHAMMER LEGENDS. It may be that GW has a soft spot for the biker HQs and will slowly return them to us in all new em-biggened primaris form.

Rode off into the sunset in December of 2016

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.




~Fingers crossed for a new HQ “rollout” 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled people.

  • Warhammer 40K: Indomitus Pre-Orders Go Live July 11th