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D&D: Ever Wonder What A Tactical Nuke Looks Like In D&D?

Jul 25

A new item revealed in Rime of the Frostmaiden seems like the perfect solution to just about any problem the DM might ever throw your way.

Earlier this week, Christopher Perkins revealed a new bit of content from Rime of the Frostmaiden, the upcoming D&D adventure set in the frozen, wintry world of Icewind Dale. A new magic item is in the works, one that solves pretty much any problem in D&D:

Albeit, it solves the problems by replacing it with another: “Oh hey the Tarrasque is over there.” It’s basically the D&D equivalent of the nuclear option. A single scroll, activated as an action, allows you to summon the Tarrasque. It doesn’t allow you to control the Tarrasque, nor does it allow you to banish it. But you can absolutely destroy whatever’s in the unoccupied space you summon the Tarrasque into.

High powered items like this are presumably one of the ways you might deal with your encounter with Auril, the goddess of winter, who serves as one of the campaign’s main antagonists.


Happy Adventuring!

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