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Let’s Play D&D With The Umbrella Academy Part 2

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Jul 29 2020

Let’s take one more trip back to the mansion before season two comes out to see how the last four Hargreeves siblings would look as D&D characters.

Umbrella Academy comes back this Friday, and I’m not sure about you but I’ve been excited for season two since the moment season one ended. So excited, that I made all of the┬áHargreeves as D&D characters to help us get in the spirit!

Alison Hargreeves

Allison was honestly so easy. Her whispers and ability to make people do what she wants or even sometimes forget parts of themselves just by suggesting it screams bard to me. Plus she’s professionally a performer; you don’t get much more bard than that. She’s a different sort of bard than Vanya, though, and I tried to show that with the college of glamour (known for almost bewitching people with performance) and a series of spells that focused on winning hearts and minds…. Or just downright stealing them.


Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus was a little more challenging. There isn’t really a D&D class for “I can speak to and sometimes physically manifest ghosts.” And even if there was, Klaus wouldn’t want to be that and actively works to suppress it. In the end I decided on a Domain of Death Cleric because it has a mix of vanquishing the dead. Realistically, making this character playable would require at least a mid length conversation with a DM, but I don’t think the flavor of talking to (and avoiding) your ghost brother would be impossible.



Five was a bit of a thinker until I remembered that chronurgy wizards exist! Mixing his very specific blend of space-time jumping with murderer for hire was incredibly fun and very doable with a wizard/rogue mix. Spells were a combination of what I thought would be helpful for quickly traveling from place to place and spells I thought he would want to use in a fight. And of course, I couldn’t forget about Dolores.


Ben Hargreeves

Ben is an interesting character in that his power isn’t really his own as much as the power to summon a horrible tentacle monster from his chest to destroy his enemies for him. And if you want a character whose job it is to summon a horrible tentacle monster on command, you’re looking for a warlock with an eldritch pact. Summoning lesser and greater demons isn’t quiet the same as pulling Cthulhu through your stomach, but for these purposes it’s pretty darn close. Warlocks have notoriously few spell slots, making his collection of invocations very important, and I went with choices that I thought would create maximum terror for any foes.


How would you have made these characters? Are you excited for season 2? Which Hargreeves is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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