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Take Your Painting Studio Anywhere with Studio X – Kickstarter Only Has 1 Week Left

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Jul 21 2020

The folks at Mini Master Werks couldn’t find the storage and travel solution they wanted, so they made one. Check out their new portable studio on Kickstarter NOW!

Studio X is in an all in one, portable studio with a paint brush holder, 2 wet pallets, room for up to 48 dropper-style paints, miniature storage, and 2 removable tool trays that double as water cups. It’s an elegant way to move everything you need from your studio to your kitchen table to paint night at your FLGS or a buddy’s and beyond.

We wanted the Studio X Wet Palette to meet all your needs, and so the durable, injection-molded ABS plastic kit has seven paint wells molded into the lid, perfect for your washes and inks. Once you’re done, simply wipe them clean and pack the Wet Palette back in your Studio X. The Wet Palette is 7.5″x7.5″ x 1″and comes with foam and paper.

The concept behind the Studio X Brush Hanger was the genesis of this whole project. We are excited that you’ll be able to keep your hanger on your wall next to your hobby area, and then easily transfer it to your Studio X when you are ready to take your painting on the road. The Brush Hanger is 6.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and comes with a wall-mounting bracket.

We have also been able to squeeze in two Tool Trays at the top of the Studio X where you can store your clippers, glue, spare blades for your hobby knife, and any other bits you might need for a modeling project. These Tool Trays can also double as water cups when you are painting on the go!


And finally, the Side Panels of the Studio X can be easily removed, and each panel features two shelves. Each of these shelves can hold up to 12 dropper-style bottles (Vallejo, The Army Painter, Pro Acryl, Reaper Master Series) and, if you stack them, up to 12 GW-style paint pots too. This means that you could carry up to 48 paints with you!

The Studio X includes everything you need to organize, store, and travel with your hobby bench.

  • The Studio X Brush hanger (and Wall Mount)
  • Two Studio X Wet Palettes
  • Two Aqua-Pro foam pads for the wet palettes
  • 50 sheets of Aqua-Pro paper for the wet palettes
  • Two sides with two shelves each that can hold up to 48 paints of various brands
  • Two Tool Trays (which can double as water cups)

To complete a perfect studio set up, you can add on a Studio X-40 LED light as an Ad-On.

  • 40 super bright Led lights
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • 50,000 hour estimated bulb life
  • Total wattage 3.5 watts
  • 12 volt external power source; includes a 6 foot with manual in line power switch.
  • Dimensions: Length 9″ 23cm Width 3.1″ 8cm Height 5.31″ 13.5 cm



That’s not all – Mini Master Werks has teamed up with Badger, Ouroboros Miniatures, Dave Taylor Miniatures, Monument Hobbies, Game Envy, and Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes to offer some great bundles with miniatures, painting guides, brushes, and paint to stock your new Studio X. You can also get some of those as ad-ons, like these 90mm sci-fi gunslingers from Ouroboros aka your next painting project.

Starting Pledge Levels:

  • Brush Hanger with Wall Mount – $20.00
    • Fits into the Studio X for easy transport
    • Accommodates hobby knives, mold line removers, and sculpting tools
  • Wet Palette – $25.00
    • Fits into the Studio X for easy transport/storage
    • Measures 7.25″x6.5″x1.25″
    • Includes 2 Aqua-Pro Foam Pads and 50 Aqua-Pro Wet Palette Sheets
  • Studio X – $90.00
    • The Studio X Brush Hanger (and Wall Mount)
    • Two Studio X Wet Palettes
    • Two Aqua-Pro foam pads for the wet palettes
    • 50 Aqua-Pro sheets for the wet palettes
    • Two side panels with two shelves each that can hold up to 60 paints of various brands
    • Two Tool Trays

Make sure you check out all of the add-ons and bundles available!

The campaign and all of these great deals end next Tuesday, July 28 – click here to become a backer today!

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