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Warhammer 40K: Blood Angels Assault Intercessors Are Scary

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Jul 9 2020

The latest faction focus has highlighted some of the cool new factors that will make the Blood Angels stand out. Take a look at why they’re so scary.

Alright so 9th Edition is here, the core rules are our, and GW continues rolling out their faction focus for each of the different chapters/factions. In the latest, we get a glimpse of what makes the Blood Angels stand out. First though, we need to take a look at the new Assault Intercessor Squad–the primaris unit Marine players have been waiting for. In their new statline, we get a glimpse of what a Primaris Assault squad looks like:

Now that statline is just the beginning. As Angels of Death, they get the “standard bonus” of Shock Assault:

Which brings us to 3 attacks on the charge (4 if you’re the sergeant). And of course Assault Doctrine, too:

We know that the Assault Intercessors are going to be usable by all chapters and that means they are going to inherit their chapter’s rules. For the Blood Angels, that really benefits this close combat focused units. Those rules include:




+1 to wound rolls…

…and another +1 attack, too.

Putting It Together

Now, assuming you can get a third turn charge off with just the army wide buffs, from just a single dude in the squad:

  • 2 Attacks Base
  • +1 Attack from the Astartes Chainsword
  • +1 Attack From Shock Assault
  • +1 Attack From Black RageĀ doesn’t apply to Assault Intercessors, but you know Death Company are getting Primaris with those chainswords…
  • +1 Attack From Savage Echos
  • +1 to Wound
  • And and addition -1 to AP

You’ll end up with 5 attacks, at -2 AP and +1 to wound. From one guy. In a full squad? That’s 51 attacks because you’ll get 1 more from the Sergeant. That’s also before you start tossing in stratagems, character buffs, and/or anything else you want. Why not spend the CP and have that unit attack again. Because that’s a thing you can do.


“Do you need a Litany…no? You got this covered? Yeah…I can see that.”

Blood Angels are scary–what do you think?

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