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Warhammer 40K: Indomitus Parade Ready Painting Guides

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Jul 24 2020

The Warhammer TV crew is back with a handful of new tutorials on how to get your Indomitus Models Parade Ready!

Last week, GW showed off some easy to follow tutorials on getting the miniatures from the Indomitus Boxed set Battle Ready. Today, they have a new batch of videos that take them to the next step – Parade Ready!

via Warhammer (youtube)

Parade Ready Ultramarines

Parade Ready Szarekhan Dynasty

Parade Ready Alternate Space Marine Chapters


Parade Ready Alternate Necron Dynasties

Indomintus Finishing Touches For Space Marines & Necrons

Overall these are great guides (as always) from the Warhammer team. These techniques are bit more advanced than the Battle Ready ones, but they aren’t doing anything super complex. It’s mostly adding a ton of highlights and, if you followed the previous painting guides, these are building off of those anyway. So if you complete the Battle Ready steps first you can follow these guides to make those models pop with more highlights!

Hey – if nothing else they are easy to listen to and will give you the exact list of colors you need to match the studio paint schemes!



Who’s ready to hobby with Indomitus this weekend?

Author: Adam Harrison
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