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Warhammer 40K: Indomitus – Sold Out?

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Jul 10 2020

It looks like Indomitus is already a hit and Pre-Orders haven’t started yet…What’s going on?

You might have seen pictures floating around that Indomitus Launch Box has sold out. But it hasn’t hit stores yet – so what gives? Allow me to explain.

The pictures have come from the GW Trade Sales page:

Here’s the official statement about it from GW:

“Indomitus: Sold Out

We wanted to let you know that the Indomitus boxed set has now sold out. It’s clear that the great value of the box, its fantastic contents and the fact it’s only available while stocks last, has made it very popular.

If you have ordered this product with your Account Manager, we would advise you not to take pre-orders for stock above the quantity we have confirmed you will receive in your order.”


What Does This Mean?

We’re not get into supply chains and how that all works. But the basics are this: GW produces the product (in this case the Indomitus Box) and then your FLGS buys the product from them and then re-sells it to you. That’s how basic retail stores (aka Trade Sales) work.

The box set SUPPLY from GW is sold out for retailers. The stores haven’t sold out of their copies yet as they haven’t gone on sale to the public. What this means is that each store that has already put in their order is getting a confirmed number of boxes and that’s it. Once those stores sell their copies they aren’t getting a restock. Games Workshop is encouraging stores not to take more pre-orders than they were allocated.

Earlier this week we were wondering if you should pre-order the box. If you were on the fence now it might be too late. Call your FLGS and see if they are doing sign-ups or pre-orders because that might be your best bet for getting a copy.

Yeah. Indomitus is already a massive hit for GW.


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