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Warhammer 40K: More New Marine & Necron Fortification Kits Revealed

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Jul 2 2020

Looks like it’s not just new troopers coming to 9th edition – New Fortifications for the Marines and Necrons are dropping in, too!

Say hello to two new Fortifications coming to 40k. The Marines are getting a new weaponized Drop Pod-like bunker of death and the Necrons are getting some SWEET looking obelisk uh…things. Check these out along with a look at what they do on the tabletop!

via Warhammer Community

Hammerfall Bunker

“Not only does it look incredible, but it’s tougher than grox-hide boots and armed to the teeth. Those side guns can be either heavy bolters or heavy flamers and the main weapon is a Hammerfall missile launcher, and in a move that will delight old-school fans, it comes armed with superfrag and superkrak missiles. “


So I guess Frag and Krak got the Primaris treatment. Holy smokes Superfrag is going to be terrifying to big units! Both of these missiles jumped up by 2 strength so look out for those!

Also, can we talk about the fact this thing has the option for 4 sets of twin heavy flamers?! Even with the changes to Overwatch, do you REALLY want to charge this thing?

Convergence of Dominion

Well look at that! Some new Necron Obelisk are on the way, too. These are three Starstele structures and they are apparently quite durable and some some serious firepower of their own. Plus they offer some boosts to nearby units and can also perform Translocation Protocols – so yes, they can move around the battlefield with a little help from a Cryptek.

Their weapons are called “Transdimensional Abductors” which sound pretty omnius.

You can actually see them in the background of this picture, too. Well played GW, well played.



Hopefully, this is just the start. Are we going to see even more Fortifications for non-Imperial Armies? I sure hope so…

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