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Warhammer 40K: Was That a Lelith Hesperax Tease

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Jul 28 2020

Games Workshop flashed some teasers – was Lelith among the batch? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

During the Weekend Launch Party Preview stream, GW flashed 5 new models. This got folks excited and we took a closer look at them yesterday. But one theory has jumped out about the Drukhari/Aeldari one in particular – It’s the return of the Champion of the Gladiators: Lelith Hesperax.

Who Is Lelith?

Leltih Hesperax is described by GW as:

“Lelith is the undisputed champion of the gladiatorial arenas, the most deadly of all her kind. In battle she uses her body as a weapon as well as her blades. Her hair is sewn through with barbs and hooks, her legs and feet edged with spurs and her fingernails have been honed to scalpel sharpness. Lelith can kill a dozen warriors in the space of a few seconds.”

Now, there are a couple key phrases in the description that lend some credence to the theory. But let’s take a look at the screen shots from the theory:


These are the relevant screenshots. We see some pretty clear signs but let’s just point them out:

Her hair is sewn through with barbs and hooks, her legs and feet edged with spurs”

Hair with hooks? Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar?

And we already know that the Knife is from another Rumor Engine, too:

But wait, that glove sure looks unique, doesn’t it?


That’s the same icon on the Gauntlet. Hmm…

The last new models for the Drukhari were the Incubi and Drazhar from Phoenix Rises/Blood of the Phoenix.

More Drukhari models would surely be welcome. Curiously, the Lelith model is also “Temporarily out of stock Online” on the GW website – that’s for both the US and GB site, too. In fact, she didn’t even show up on the search results on the GW page under the Drukhari section. I had to type her name in manually to get the model to pop-up. Maybe that’s because it’s finecast. Maybe it’s because she’s about to get a new plastic model.

So…is it Lelith? It could always be some other random Wych. But the signs are all pointing to a new plastic model for the champ.


Thanks to all the commenters who mentioned this in the discussion!


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