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Age of Sigmar BREAKING: Shadow & Pain Box and Morathi Returns

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Aug 22 2020

An all new boxed set pitting Hedonites and Daughters of Khaine is coming, alongside a new expansion series kicked off by scheming Morathi out for godhood.

Here’s the latest Warhammer reveals via GW’s Seminar:

Shadow & Pain Boxed Set


“In Shadow and Pain, the Hedonites have invaded the Realm of Shadow in search of their dark master, and they bring, well, pain – you probably got that from the title. This battlebox is packed with awesome Daughters of Khaine and Hedonites of Slaanesh models, including a pair of brand-new heroes.”

Two New “Heroes”

Leading both forces are a pair of all new miniatures:

Lord of Pain:  “This champion of Slaanesh has sampled every vice and excess the Mortal Realms have to offer and mastered the arts of agony. On the tabletop, this translates to him channelling the pain he receives in combat, sharing it with those who inflicted it, then striking them down with his wicked soulpiercer mace.”Melusai Ironscale: “Crafted from the most vengeful souls among all the aelves, this elite war leader is resistant to hostile magics and can channel Morathi’s might to turn foes into immobile – but fully conscious – crystal statues. In your games, that means enemies need to beware mortal wounds.”

Broken Realms: Morathi

In the aftermath of The Realmgate Wars. Malign Portents. The Soul Wars. Wrath of the Everchosen, the factions of the Aelves rise up to reshape the world. This new series kicks off with volume 1: MORATHI.


That’s a REALLY BIG Cauldron of Blood Morathi is standing on.

“The aelven gods are rising up to challenge the might of Chaos and the growing power of Death – but like Sigmar’s pantheon before them, they are riven by mistrust and each pursues their own goals and schemes. Teclis, ever aloof and arrogant, seeks to single-handedly save the Mortal Realms. Allarielle, fickle as the seasons, turns on allies as well as enemies, attacking explorers and settlers across Ghyran. And as for Morathi… well, she has a very definite goal in mind – godhood. True to form, she doesn’t intend to let anything stand in her way.

This new conflict will touch every corner of the Mortal Realms, and affect every faction. Treachery and torment. Siege and slaughter. Bloodshed and battle. All this and more awaits you in a series of epic narrative books on a scale not seen since the Realmgate Wars. As well as truly massive stories, these books will be packed with new rules for loads of factions, thrilling battleplans, and much more.”

More reveals coming soon.

Author: Larry Vela
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