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Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook & Lumineth FAQs Out

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Aug 4 2020

The FAQs are out for the General’s Handbook 2020 and the Lumineth Realm-lords for Age of Sigmar! So what’s new and what’s confusing?

Games Workshop put out the FAQs for the latest publications for Age of Sigmar this week. You can check those out HERE. It wasn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff but they did clarify a few things…and also opened up can of worms with some of the wording. Let’s get into it.

Lumineth Realm-lords FAQ and Designer’s Commentary

The Realm-lords FAQ was pretty short and sweet. All those errata are listed above. Teclis is still a rockstar when casting and they tweaked some of the Great Nation rules…

The Designer’s Commentary is a bit longer but it does also clear up some things in the Battletome. It does clarify that Teclis can’t ever get more casts per turn. It also explains some of the funky interactions with a few Spells:

Now let’s get to the “fun” part of the FAQs – the General’s Handbook.

General’s Handbook FAQ & Designer’s Commentary

The Errata is short. It’s mostly just points changes:


But when you get to the Designer’s Commentary there are a two things that jumped out. The first one is “what is unique terrain” and what does that mean?

Now if you look at this rule it’s probably referring to custom terrain players might build and bring to a game. Keep in mind that, Rules As Written, each player is supposed to bring 3 pieces of major terrain to a game which are then setup – not everyone does this. Anyhow, what types of terrain are unique but still have a warscroll? A friend of mine pointed out that things like “Wyldwood” fall into this ambitious category. He plays Sylvaneth and they use “Awakened Wyldwood” but there’s no Warscroll in the Azyr App for “Wyldwood” – so what rules are we using? Do Sylvaneth players get to drop their Awakened Wyldwood and then have to roll randomly for the generated scenery rules?

This might be making a mountain out of a molehill but this really needs to get explained more. Here’s another example: The army specific terrain. Those features are unique to their armies and have warscrolls. Do we stop using their rules and now roll randomly for them, too? Basically, this needs an FAQ and GW needs to do a better job of the wording on this ruling with some better examples.

And finally, there is one more tidbit here that could be seriously misconstrued. Check this out:


Okay, on the surface this just seems like a harmless “Check with your opponent first” or if you’re playing in a Tournament, check with the Tournament Organizer first things. But if you wanted to get into a real argument and lose friends and not actually play the game, you could point out that technically all the books are older publications than the GHB 2020 (except for LRL and the upcoming Sons of Behemat). So do you have to get permission from your opponent to use those before you play?

“Oh you’re playing with Stormcast, well that book is an older publication so I won’t allow it.”  Well that’s going to be a great way to NOT play any games. Don’t do that. However, where it does get a little more ‘realistic’ is when you consider things that were printed in White Dwarf – like the Syll’eskian Host or Legion of Grief. Are those things ‘legal’ to use in 2020 Matched Play still? I guess check with your opponent first and verify with your TO before you bring it to a tournament…

Well, it IS an Older Publication…

Anyhow – are we just being nitpicky? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean these issues are any less legitimate. I’d much rather have rulings that were crystal clear and well written so that folks didn’t point to things in the FAQ that can make things even more muddy than before. If someone tried to pull any of this on me I’d just walk away and not play. If that’s their goal – congrats – you’re a jerk. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone in my play group that would intentionally try to torpedo a game before we started playing.

Just be aware of these issues but please don’t try to pull this garbage on your opponent. Use some common freaking sense, people.



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