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AoS: Aelves & Slaanesh Conflict Takes Center Stage

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Aug 24 2020

Games Workshop is prepping for the next chapter of Age of Sigmar and the Aelves are taking the spotlight – along with an old nemesis.

In case you missed the preview this weekend, GW announced some BIG stuff for the Mortal Realms. Not only are we getting the next chapter of the Age of Sigmar story, the Aelves (of all flavors) are rising up to challenge Chaos and Death. And their old enemy Slaanesh is poised to make a comeback, too.

The next event is called “Broken Realms” and it sees the Aelven pantheon making a play to combat the surge of Chaos (from Wrath of the Everchosen) and also the impending armies of Death (think Malign Portents/Soul Wars). Now is the time for the Aelves to get in on the action. But don’t think that this will be a unified front…

via Warhammer Community

“The aelven gods are rising up to challenge the might of Chaos and the growing power of Death – but like Sigmar’s pantheon before them, they are riven by mistrust and each pursues their own goals and schemes. Teclis, ever aloof and arrogant, seeks to single-handedly save the Mortal Realms. Allarielle, fickle as the seasons, turns on allies as well as enemies, attacking explorers and settlers across Ghyran. And as for Morathi… well, she has a very definite goal in mind – godhood. True to form, she doesn’t intend to let anything stand in her way.”

Deepkin fighting Daughters? This doesn’t bode well for Order…

The Daughters of Khaine aren’t just getting attention in the artwork either. Morathi is getting a new book and there are a bunch of new products featuring them and the Aelves in General:


Broken Realms: Morathi

Shadow & Pain – Daughters of Khaine vs Slaanesh’s Followers

New Daughter of Khaine Unit – Melusai Ironscale

New Slaanesh Champion – Lord of Pain


Warhammer: Underworlds – Direchasm – Featuring a Lumineth Realm-lords Warband and a Slaaneshi Warband


New Warcry expansion featuring Khainite Shadowstalkers

Loads of new Shadow Aelves are coming


Again, it’s a BUNCH of new Aelves coming as well as new chaos forces with a new Warcry Warband plus a heavy focus on Slaaneshi. It’s sure looking like the Dark Prince is going to get loose and cause some more havoc.

GW is promising “truly massive stories” in these new books plus “new rules for loads of factions” and it sure seems like the Mortal Realms are going to get yet another big shake-up on the narrative side of the house. We’re looking forward to what GW has planned with the new Aelves and the followers of Slaanesh going to war. Will we (finally) see the Dark Prince return to power? Or will Teclis and the other Aelven gods be able to stop him once again?


Are we going to see Slaanesh return? What about Malerion!? Grab your popcorn, it’s about to get even better…

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