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DIY: Magic the Gathering Floor Made with Thousands of Cards

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Aug 28 2020
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Have a bunch of worthless cards hanging around? Here are some ideas.

The folks at Tap That MTG revamped their basement floor with thousands of cards organized by color to create a pattern. It’s actually an easy process as long as you have a clean, flat canvas and the time to invest.


A few more examples of patterns you can do – and just bonkers floors covered with tons of cards.


Gamer’s Niche – Mandeville, Louisiana

You can also use this method on walls. Here’s another, more ordered version.

Not ready to take the leap into large surfaces? It’s super easy to use MtG or any gaming cards to update a table. Haven’t used epoxy? Here are some basics.


If you’re looking for a more challenging project, you can use molds and layering techniques to create something like this illusion coffee table.

Author: Mars Garrett
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