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Necromunda BREAKING: Necromunda House of Iron

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Aug 22 2020

An all new expansion for House Orlock and a new set of minis is headed your way.

Here’s the latest Warhammer reveals via GW’s Seminar:

House of Iron



“House of Iron is your indispensable guide to the history of House Orlock and includes all the rules you need to dominate your Necromunda campaigns. New fighters, Hired Guns, and Hangers-on will be joined by House-specific weapons and wargear, which will change up the way your gang will wage war in the underhive.”

Orlock Arms Masters & Wreckers

The new kit contains 8 miniatures and three new types of models for your House Orlock gang.


Those dogs look like bad news!

  • “Arms Masters are champions who keep their gangers and juves in line with fear, respect and a variety of deadly weapons.
  • Wreckers are Orlock Prospects who take on the most dangerous jobs and missions in an attempt to prove themselves to their gang fellows. Each wears a jump booster which can be used to swiftly get around the battlefield – though not without some degree of risk.
  • Cyber-mastiffs are guard dogs, attack dogs, and one of the ways in which Arms Masters keep their gangs in check.”

More reveals coming soon.

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