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Necromunda: House of Blades Previews – Hired Guns & Hangers-on

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Aug 25 2020

The House of Blades is the Escher expansion book and it’s got a bunch of new things to learn. Check out a preview of the Hire Guns and Hangers-on.

We’ve covered the creepy new miniatures already and now we’re looking at some of the other rules options in House of Blades. Today, we’ve got a bit of a teasery preview of their new Hangers-on and some of the Hire Guns. Let’s take a look!

via Warhammer Community

House of Blades adds a pair of Escher-specific Hangers-on in the form of an Apprentice Clan Chymist and a Shivver. On the front line, the young Chymist learns how to concoct various toxins and, if they’re fortunate, they might get to participate in the creation of a Death-maiden.”

How do you create a Death-maiden? Well, you gotta get unlucky and then you gotta get lucky…it’s all in the hands of fate – or at least the dice roll.

As for the Shivver, well, it’s kind of a play on words. You’ll see why after looking at this chart – it has the fate of the gangers who ask the Shivver to share her foresight.

Don’t be afraid of the Shivver if you get a tingle down your spine.



Bounty Hunter – Betti Banshee

“House Escher also gets a new house-specific Bounty Hunter in the form of Betti Banshee. She was once a Gang Queen until an unfortunate encounter with a Goliath ‘Zerker saw her lose her throat and lower jaw. Fortunately, a local doc had just the thing – a vox-hailer from an old devotional servitor. Soon enough, her mechanical voice was echoing throughout the underhive, a sound that means death for the enemies of House Escher.”

Not only is Betti Banshee an amazing fighter, she’s got her own custom ability “thanks” to the modification from the Doc:

House Ulanti – Special Bounty Hunter

House Ulanti is a House that any gang can ally with but if you’re an Escher gang, you get an additional bonus in the form of the option to add a Ulanti Court Advisor to your gang. They add some extra firepower to your gang and also bring a body guard who can pull some tricks off with their mirror mask.


Yep, it’s two tricky models that can swap spots if you need them to – expect shenanigans!

House of Blades is up for pre-order now and should be in stores this weekend!

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