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Warhammer 40K: New Sprues – The Guardian Drones Of Blackstone Fortress

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Aug 24 2020
Warhammer 40K

With the grand finale for Blackstone Fortress wending its way to us next weekend, we’re taking a closer look at the two new models.

Blackstone Fortress: Ascension is the final Blackstone Fortress expansion–it’ll take your explorers and send them deep into the heart of the ever-shifting fortress from the time before humanity. You’ll have to deal with new hazards, and of course, deadly new foes. One of the new things that the Fortress is unleashing, as the threat level rises to its highest height, are the new Guardian Drones.

These are the bigger siblings of the Spindle Drones, whom you have probably encountered in the twisting depths of the Blackstone labyrinth. But these are bigger, badder, and armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry. They’re a fitting end to the final quest for Blackstone Fortress, which will doubtless reveal a new secret unlocked from within (and probably canonically by Janus Draik). But first you’ll have to get past them. There are two different models, one is “unarmed” and the other is launching a Hover Drone to help take down its prey.


Both of these Guardians are armed with salvo launchers and a destroyer pulse, and will doubtless make their way over to 40K proper at some point, where they’ll join their cousins as unaligned forces that you can take for a lark. But before they do that, we’ve got a look at these models on the sprue.

I love how alien each of these look. There’s something almost organic about them. You can see it in the carapace of the main drone assembly and in the design of the spindle legs–there’s that weird alien grace that tells you exactly how each of these moves. You can imagine the weird distorted horns/machine sound that would accompany one of these showing up down a darkened corridor.

As for what they do? We’ll get a look at that soon enough.

But for now, prepare to enter the Blackstone Fortress one last time


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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