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Necromunda: Stronghold Terrain Set Revealed

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Aug 11 2020

There is a new Terrain kit coming to the Underhive – but it’s perfect for any Grimdark Gaming Table!

What’s got a bunch of line-of-sight blocking terrain, a modular catwalk and a watchtower perfect for long-range support? The brand new Stronghold terrain kit coming for Necromunda. While it might have additional rules for Necromunda, with 9th editions new terrain keywords you can totally make it fit for your games of 40k, too!

via Warhammer Community

“But what if you wanted to build your gang their own base? Well, now you can, with the Gang Stronghold. This awesome new terrain lets your gang put down roots in the underhive and then defend their home from anyone who would try to assault it.

As you can see, the word stronghold is a pretty good description. It’s not just a brilliant terrain piece though – it also has some extra rules that let you play some really narrative games. “

What kind of extra rules? Plenty! Check out the Watchtower – it’s not just for sniping folks:

Yikes! Good luck sneaking up on this one. But that’s not the only batch of rules. It’s also got a pretty fancy gate as well:


So if the door is shut, how are you supposed to shoot at the attackers?! Use the Firing Ports, duh…

Again, these rules are for use in your games of Necromunda and really help drive the narrative with their “home field advantage” style rules. But this terrain set could very easily be adapted to any 40k game, too. It’s also fully modular and fully compatible with any Zone Mortalis kits you might have as well!

The Stronghold is a great addition to any tabletop terrain collection and that goes double for Zone Mortalis and Necromunda players!



That Watchtower has some potential for other things. *Hobby senses tingling*

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