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Warhammer 40K: Five FAQs Unleash Big Changes To 40K

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Aug 10 2020

Earlier today five big FAQs dropped, with updates for the core book, munitorum field manual, gt mission pack, Saga of the Beast and a Power Rating update.

Well folks, get ready for some updates from the GW FAQtory floor, as updates/errata for three¬† books, a mission pack, and one general concept dropped today. The latest batch of rules changes are here, with tweaks that address everything from Power Ratings for units (if you’re playing with power), to corner cases like the Desperate Breakout stratagem interacting with rules that prevent you from Falling Back.

There’s a lot to go through, we’ve linked them all below, but here’s a taste of everything that awaits you within.

Warhammer 40K Core Book

The core book contains some clarifications to basic rules, like making it explicit that Psykers cannot attempt to manifest Smite more than once a battle round, or what exactly Look Out, Sir does. But most of the work done here is clarifying Rare Rules cases.

Desperate Breakout and Rules that prevent falling back, for instance, is clarified–rules that prevent falling back take precedence, so Desperate Breakout doesn’t do much. Manifesting priority is clarified so that rules that say your psychic powers can’t be denied win out against powers that auto-deny a psychic effect. And so on, there’s a surprising number of Rare Rules clarifications, so check out the FAQ.

Munitorum Field Manual 2020

The Munitorum Field Manual has been updated with new points costs for models and wargear. There are a lot of changes across the various factions, so you’ll want to see how your army has been impacted.

Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast


Saga of the Beast gets its version 1.1 update, with a quick clarification–you can use the Kustom Job Stratagem even if you don’t have a Mekboy Workshop in your army.

Grand Tournament Mission Pack

Numerous changes to the GT Mission Pack reflect the changes in the Core Book as well, bringing their rare rules interactions and terrain feature rules in line across these books.

Power Rating Update

Finally, if you’re playing with Power Rating, you’ll get the most up-to-date Power Ratings for units in your army, whatever your faction. From Adepta Sororitas to Unaligned Fortifications, there’s something for everyone here.

Those are the FAQs, go to town! Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments!


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