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Outside the Box – August 28th

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Aug 28 2020

Welcome to Outside the Box, this week with Creature Caster, Mantic Games, Corvus Belli, Ninja Division, Artel W Minaitures and more!

Creature Caster presents the King of Malifica:–> More Creature Caster News

A new limited edition for Aristeia! can be pre-ordered from Corvus Belli:–> More Corvus Belli News

Ninja Division released new miniatures for Super Dungeon Conquest:–> More Ninja Division News

A new Dark Souls expansion is available from Steamforged Games: –> More Steamforged Games News


Atomic Mass Games published a new picture of Ghost Rider for Marvel Crisis Protocol: –> More Atomic Mass Games News

New Infernal Dwarfs are now available from Avatars of War: –> More Avatars of War News

Mantic Games published a new preview of their The Umbrella Academy game:–> More Mantic Games News

A new AA turret has been released by Mortian: –> More Mortian News

Artel W Miniatures presents upcoming releases:  –> More Artel W Miniatures


The 6mm Novan Airborne light vehicles are now available from Vanguard Miniatures:–> More Vanguard Miniatures News

Warlord Games now accepts pre-orders for new sets: –> More Warlord Games News

New Infinity terrain is available from Warsenal: –> More Warsenal News

Cooked Dice is working on new Fantasy miniatures:–> More Crooked Dice News

And  Rubicon Models presents new pictures of their Panzer II kit:–> More Rubicon Models News

And here are this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Draigbran – The Cyclops Mage
Ancient Lair – Custom 2D Miniature Website
Ill Gotten Games – Pocket-Tactics
Florian H. Azar – Kingdom of Aros
Tomb Guardians – 28mm Fantasy Dwarven Miniature Collection II
Green Ronin Publishing – The Expanse RPG Dice Sets
Phil MacNevin – Monstrous Mimics: 3D Printable Miniatures
Dice Heads – Mythos Madness: Chibi Cthulhu Mythos 3D Printable Miniatures
Compass Games – Cradle of Civilization
Ethan Shapero – Brick Logic: The Game
Blind Beggar Miniatures – Freedom Fighters: Alien Troopers Combat Squad
Andrew Nelson – ThunderEggs
TheAme Games – Board Game Accessory System 
Zabavka Workshop – Greek Mythology: 40-75mm Miniatures & Terrain
Miniatures of Madness – HOLD MY DWARF
Jose Jorge Pereiro – Danger Exticntion
Punished Games – The Gothic Resurrection
Hard Core Dice – Dice Fantasy
IDW Games – Galaxy Hunters
Ouroboros Miniatures – The Sentinels
Archon Studio – Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition

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