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Warhammer 40K: 5 Secondary Objectives We Like

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Aug 5 2020
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The new secondary objectives are going to play a pivotal role in how your games shake out. Here are a few of our favorites to run.

Remembering and play to the mission in 40k is how you’re going to actually win games. The new edition has introduced a bunch of new secondary objectives to the game that are both thematic and impactful to your final score. All of them are worth checking out and could all be situationally useful depending on what you’re fighting. They really can change the way your army approaches the tabletop.

That said, we’ve picked five secondary objectives that we really liked – either the narrative they created or the way they functioned mechanically spoke to us. Or sometimes both. Here’s our favorites in no particular order:

Engage On All Fronts

This one is the return of a classic objective: Table Quarters. However, it’s got a new spin in that it’s a Progressive Objective. That means you can score it multiple times in a game. Just remember that the max points you can get for a secondary is 15 – you’ll have to start scoring it early if you want to get the cap on this one. At least you could use flyers to zoom across to start racking-up those points.

Titan Hunter

This is clearly one of those situational options that’s only useful if your opponent has a Titanic unit in their list. However, that’s kind of what we liked about it. Those units immediately have a target on their back now and this secondary can net you a straight 10 VPs just for killing one, 12 for killing 2, or 15 for killing 3. If you’ve got the firepower to do it, this one could be worth taking.


Raise The Banners High

Yep – we’ve seen this one before. That doesn’t mean we can’t like it! This one uses the new Actions added in 9th to create some more battlefield drama. It’s a great way to claim an objective and make it worth it for the long haul. It’s also one of the rare Progressive and End Game Objectives, too.

Deploy The Scramblers

This one is another funky objective that we liked because it requires some planning and forethought. You’ve got to get your units into position and then they’ve got to complete the objectives. The hard part is getting them where they need to be – but even that’s not super hard. This one is only worth 10 VPs if you complete it so there is a trade off for the risk vs reward. Still, thematically, we liked the way this one sounded.


Psychic Ritual

This one is perhaps the most thematic and maybe even most challenging to pull off. For starters, it requires some board control to take the center. Then you’ve got to get a Psyker Character into range. Then you’ve got to successfully perform this Psychic Power  (which can be denied by your opponent, btw). It’s a challenge and if your opponent knows 15 VPs are on the line, they have got a LOT of motivation to prevent you from pulling this one off. Protect your Psykers and score this one or risk it and go for the win!

Those are just a few of the new secondary objectives in the game. There are lots more – let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments!


Author: Adam Harrison
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