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Warhammer 40K: 5 Troop Units We Want Remade

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Aug 1 2020

Now that the Necron Warriors have gotten a new kit and the Primaris Marines have gotten an entire wave, it’s time to share the love to some other Troop units.

Warhammer 40,000 has a ton of armies in the game. While they all have various themes and aesthetics at the backbone of every army are the humble Troop units. Every army has them (except Knights…but whatever) and they typically take up around 3 spots in a list. That said, some of these troops have been in service without an update for WAAAY too long. Here’s our list of the 5 Troop Units we’d like to see get an update.

Cadian Shock Troops

Uh…Cadia got destroyed. So why are these guys so prevalent? Yes, we know that these are the “Default” uniforms of the Astra Militarum. But c’mon – isn’t it time for a refresher for this kit? “But if they redo that kit, they have to redo a bunch of the Astra Militarum line!” …and that’s a bad thing? You caught me. I’d love to see the entire line get some attention but for now I’d settle for an updated Imperial Guardsmen “default” look.

Guardian Squad

These models still hold up – but we’d still like to see them get a update. They have been the same for a LONG time and as the Marines get larger and the other armies around them get new toys we can’t help but feel these old school guardians are getting left behind.

Termagant Brood

I’ve built my fair share of these models and I’d totally be willing to build more…if they got a new kit. I do appreciate how simple they are to build but they don’t have a lot of character to each individual model. Hey – I get it. They aren’t supposed to have a lot of character when there is a carpet of them moving as one. But could we at least get a new kit that makes the arms less of a pain to assemble?

Ork Boyz


Fundamentally, I don’t have any major issues with this kit. However, I’d still like it to get an update. I suppose the only real issue I have with it are the arm options – they all have that same positioning of being outstretched which ultimately leads to the kit being kind of limited. It’s a classic kit and it’s served its purpose for years very well. But let’s get these Boyz some updates!


I actually really like these models. I just kind wish they were back in stock from GW. How long has it been? Why not just update them at this point and call it done?

Everyone else has gotten some relatively new kits for their troops or their current kits aren’t as “dated” as some of the ones listed above. But if you’ve got a favorite troop that you think should get an update let us know in the comments!


I could have listed more Tyranids, but I was trying to be nice…


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